UK Offsite Manufacture (Revised December 2023)


The UK offsite market is rapidly growing with the government instructing key departments to have a presumption in favour of offsite construction. In addition there has been major take-up in the residential sector.

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Offsite Manufacture for construction is starting to deliver greater build efficiencies in the areas of: costs; build standards and sustainability; reliability; health & safety; labour and speed of construction.

Industry reports have signalled greater focus on the methods of Offsite Construction. 2016’s Farmer Review, “Modernise or Die”, challenges construction to do things differently, “to reduce the reliance on building in the same way that we have for decades if not centuries, with its heavy demand for on-site labour.”

The government is encouraging key departments Defence, Education, Health, Justice and Transport to favour offsite. It also wants “Britain to become a word-leader in MMC” and is investing many millions in construction skills and innovation.

Competitive Advantage Consultancy Ltd has revised and updated it construction market report “UK Offsite Manufacture” in response to this growing interest. The purpose of the report is to provide manufacturers and other suppliers with an understanding of the Offsite Manufacture construction market and the background information, all in a marketing plan format.

Qualitative and quantitative data provides a comprehensive review of Offsite Manufacture, identifying market influences, market size, sector trends and lists the key members of the decision making unit. The report aims to help inform business strategy for construction manufacturers seeking to establish or grow their business in this sector.

The report will save you time by providing you with:

  • A thorough understanding of how Offsite Manufacture has evolved.
  • Analysis of market size, with projections for Offsite Construction, to help you identify opportunity size.
  • An understanding of how Offsite Manufacture is used by key construction sectors: Health, Education, Custodial, Office and Residential. With details of specifiers and contractors involved, to help target the sectors most relevant to you
  • Listing of 87 volumetric system manufacturers
  • Listing of 14 precast concrete system manufacturers
  • An overview of the key market influences in Offsite Manufacture, so you can identify the positive and negative influences on this market and plan accordingly
  • Links to the key available online reports and studies influencing the offsite sector

The report has been prepared using the researchers’ unique expertise in the UK construction sector and references extensive desk research.

It comprises 70 pages, with 6 charts and figures, exploring market size and composition, including political economic, social and technical influences and lists the key members of the decision making unit.


1.  Introduction

2.  Management Summary

3.  Market Overview

4.  Market Influences

5.  Key Decision Makers & Influencers

6.  UK & Ireland Manufacturers of Volumetric Systems

7. UK & Ireland Manufacturers of Precast Concrete Systems

8. Appendix: Glossary


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