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Competitive Advantage Knowledge Hub

Our knowledge hub is an invaluable tool offering a range of resources and services to help companies working in the Built Environment sector.

The Knowledge Hub includes networking opportunies, market forecasts, market reports, industry reports, news, blogs and articles and a range of marketing tools and services all designed to help you research, develop and deliver effective sales and marketing strategies.

Understanding the need for forecasting and demands on budgets for the marketing and sales teams, we now offer paid content within the Knowledge Hub via monthly or annual access charges, delivering excellent value at a set price to meet the needs of different user levels.

Sales and Marketing Tools


Drawing from extensive construction marketing experience, serves as your comprehensive marketing toolkit, providing an array of services tailored to support companies in the Built Environment sector, spanning from market research and training to construction strategy, mentoring, and CPD matching

Latest Industry Insights

Stay Informed With Our Latest Industry Insights, Keeping You Up To Date

Grow Your Skill Set

Through Our Comprehensive Online Training

Our courses specialise in addressing construction marketing and sales challenges, led by industry professionals who offer their expertise. Unlike most training providers, we uniquely cater to the construction and built environment sector. Whether you’re new to the industry or a professional, our programs offer valuable insights.

Competitive Advantage stands out for its in-depth research and active involvement in construction industry groups, ensuring our seminar materials incorporate both established theory and practical experience, providing valuable insights into the factors influencing construction decision-makers.

Dive into Our Reports

Your Gateway to Strategic Success

In addition to crafting tailored market research solutions for the built environment, we have curated an extensive collection of reports addressing pivotal topics crucial for building product marketers. Our comprehensive reports delve into essential areas such as communication channels, key decision makers and influencers, CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requirements, and product selection dynamics.

Among our most sought-after resources are our widely acclaimed Personas, which offer a concise synthesis of this valuable information, serving as an indispensable tool for navigating the complexities of the industry landscape

Connect With Us


Your Gateway to Expertise and Insight in Construction Marketing

Introducing Competitive Advantage’s Connect Service – your essential tool for construction marketing and sales professionals. 

Access our Knowledge Hub for a wealth of resources including market reports, insightful research, and dynamic tools tailored to fortify your sales and marketing strategies. Network with peers, engage in live consultancy, and access exclusive resources. 

Choose from Core, Plus, Pro, or Premium access levels tailored to your needs, that offers monthly or annual access charges, providing effortless budgeting and ensuring you stay abreast of industry developments.

Connect with us now and transform your approach to construction marketing and sales.


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£900/ * Year
*Saving £180


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£5000/ *Year
*Saving £1000