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The new Connect Service makes many of Competitive Advantage’s products and services available via monthly or annual access charges, making it even easier for construction marketing and sales professionals to budget and stay up to date.

The Connect Service gives access to the content of the Knowledge Hub which includes market reports, insightful research, market forecasts as well as tools to support development and delivery of sales and marketing strategies. Some access plans include questions to the Competitive Advantage team and online live consultancy hours. Users will also benefit from networking opportunities as we will be facilitating non-competing networking groups to enable discussion on marketing and sales topics and challenges.

A new forum area is also in development which will allow further collaboration between users. The Knowledge Hub is a well established resource and with new content planned and being added monthly, the Connect Service offers great value along with the flexibility to grow with your needs. There are 4 levels of Connect access: Core, Plus, Pro and Premium, please see below for further details.

Why Connect?

To Learn

The Knowledge Hub provides regular industry forecasts and insights as well as a monthly round up of the construction industry. It also contains tools and resources to support development and delivery of sales and marketing strategies.

To Network

Facilitating networking groups of non-competing construction product manufacturers is something we have undertaken for several years. Sharing and collaborating on common challenges in the industry improves efficiency, drives innovation and helps develop best practice.

To Lead

Construction market insights, research and forecasts provide a good basis for strategy development and implementation. Access to toolkit datasheets, blogs and training further supports the delivery teams.


£250/ Year


£90/ Month
£900/ * Year
*Saving £180


£220/ Month
£2200/ *Year
*Saving £440


£500/ Month
£5000/ *Year
*Saving £1000

Connect Service


Networking with your peers from non-competing organisations allows discussion on common challenges, allows sharing of best practice and supports collaboration, efficiency and innovation. Competitive Advantage have facilitated networking groups for many years and in addition to arranging the mechanics of the meeting can provide its own knowledge and insights on the industry as well as supporting broader topics through guest speakers and topical webinars.

Online Questions

At Competitive Advantage we understand that sometimes our clients have  construction marketing and sales questions. Or maybe they  want our view on a current or imminent challenge  in the industry.  We always like to help  where we can, so have added 12 free online questions as standard in all access levels.

Consultancy Hours

All of our team have been drawn from the construction industry and are approachable, knowledgeable and experienced. We have included consultancy hours in several access levels of the Connect Service to provide support. Maybe your company wants to implement a specification strategy for the first time and you would like some advice or maybe you have an existing CPD programme you would like to refresh and relaunch, the hours are yours to choose how they are utilised.

Market Reports

In addition to conducting bespoke market research for the built environment we have published a range of reports on subjects of importance to building product marketers including communications channels, decision makers and influencers, CPD requirements and product selection. Our popular Personas provide a handy consolidation of this information. We have recently launched a range of Market Summary reports which are included in several access levels.


Competitive Advantage run in-house training courses on a range of subjects. Additionally, we have developed 2 key online training courses which are the Construction Industry Overview Programme and Creating Demand through Specification. Introductory modules are included in some access levels while the full courses are included with Premium.

Construction Strategy

Because we are constantly conducting construction market research and participating in various industry groups, we have a good understanding of what drives industry decision makers. Our team have extensive construction industry experience, meaning we understand the complex marketplace, so in-turn can work with you to deliver sound business recommendations.

Access Level Comparisons


  • Networking Group
  • 4 online meetings/year
  • Curated webinars
  • 12 online questions
  • Free Hub content
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Online live consultancy
  • £100 Market Reports
  • Other Market Reports
  • CMI
  • Online training
  • Personas
  • 10% off other products and services



  • 6 hours/year
  • Intro modules 1 topic
  • 1 - The Client


  • 12 hours/year
  • Intro modules 2 topics
  • 2 - The Client + 1 other


  • 12 hours/year
  • All online modules
  • All

If you would like further information please contact us. 

*Savings shown are the yearly cost verses 12 x monthly costs.

£250 / Year


£90 / Month
£900 / * Year

* Saving £180

£200 / Month
£2200 / * Year

* Saving £440

£500 / Month
£5000 / * Year

* Saving £1000