Mentoring your construction sales and marketing team

Why mentor your construction sales and marketing staff?

Mentoring is an effective way to provide your construction sales and marketing staff with high quality support from experienced construction industry peers.

Mentoring can be used for an individual staff member or for your construction sales and marketing team.

Competitive Advantage can mentor your new starter, with the aim of providing them with construction industry knowledge and how best to understand sales and marketing in construction.

Or you can put in place a mentoring programme for your construction sales and marketing team. This may be when you are implementing a new business project. Or as part of supporting your staff when implementing new business strategies, where changes in working practice are needed to achieve business goals.

Drawing on the experiences of the team at Competitive Advantage, with their wealth of sales and marketing experience within the construction industry, your team can learn new skills, grow in confidence and achieve business goals.

The benefits of mentoring your construction sales and marketing team

Mentoring provides:

  • a cost-effective way to develop your construction sales and marketing team
  • a time effective way to provide training, that causes minimal disruption to day-to-day business
  • the opportunity for your construction sales and marketing team to learn new skills from experienced construction industry peers
  • an opportunity for staff to put learning into practice whilst on the job
    a supportive environment, that allows your staff to grow in confidence

How mentoring works

We work with you to agree a programme of meetings, with one or more members of the Competitive Advantage team.

We look at your requirements and agree the objectives and goals for the mentoring programme.

We meet with your chosen member of staff or team on a regular basis, provide guidance, instruction and impartial advice. Support can be provided in person, or via the telephone.

The time spent mentoring can be steadily reduced as your staff gains confidence and experience, progressing to mostly email and telephone exchanges. Until the agreed objectives and goals are achieved.

Why choose Competitive Advantage as your mentor?

Our specialist team have been recruited from management or director level sales and marketing roles within the construction sector. Some members of our team have worked overseas during their careers giving them an understanding of international practices. Our ongoing research activities and involvement with a number of key industry organisations means we are in touch with developments in the industry, providing an in-depth knowledge to draw on when mentoring your sales and marketing team.

When mentoring your staff the specialist team at Competitive Advantage can draw on a range of support material, such as our training course material, online learning, eBooks, articles for trade press and blogs.

Our understanding of the construction industry enables us to provide the latest industry know-how, further broadening your staff’s training and development. Being active in the construction sector allows us to understand the challenges faced by you and your customers.