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With its extensive construction marketing experience, Competitive Advantage can be your marketing toolbox – offering a range of services to help companies working in the Built Environment sector.

Competitive Advantage Consultancy specialises in helping building product manufacturers to be more effective at getting their products selected. Offering more than construction market research, we can work with you to inform and develop your strategy, with a range of sales and marketing tools all designed to help you effectively influence construction product selection.

Working with us can help you meet competing demands, providing quick and easy access to construction industry information, or delivering a project freeing up your time to deliver other priority projects.

As a leading authority in specification strategy we understand your challenges and can draw on our experience to advise you when planning initiatives.

Sales and Marketing Tools to Help You

In addition to conducting bespoke market research for the built environment we have published a range of reports on subjects of importance to building product marketers including communications channels, decision makers and influencers, CPD requirements and product selection. Our popular Personas provide a handy consolidation of this information.

Because we are constantly conducting construction market research and participating in various industry groups, we have a good understanding of what drives industry decision makers. Our team have extensive construction industry experience, meaning we understand the complex marketplace, so in-turn can work with you to deliver sound business recommendations. Many of the tools we have made available to you will help with different aspects of writing your construction marketing plan.

Vitally important in helping firms prepare business plans for the year ahead. With a few leading authorities regularly publishing broad construction forecasts, rather than prepare our own we have chosen to work with specialists who can provide a more tailored view. These are available to purchase from a single source, but also inform some of our bespoke research and report writing.

Our training is niche and intended to help people to be effective in a specification sales role. In addition we have programmes to help people better understand the context in which they work. We provide open courses, bespoke in-house courses, online learning and networking events. We also organise seminars, in a voluntary capacity, for other organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group (CIMCIG).

We specialise in connecting product manufacturers with specifiers like Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, and Quantity Surveyors. Our service offers monthly curated CPD (Continuing Professional Development) seminars, enhancing the collaboration between these professionals. Our platform not only lists a variety of CPD seminars but also features a community-building approach, making us a go-to reference in the industry.

A service which reviews the material you use, primarily to engage with construction industry decision makers, and proposes or even implements changes. For some clients we will take established material and give it a ‘face lift’ ensuring all regulations and standards are up to date. For others we will start from scratch. We contribute to literature, websites, CPD seminars and technical product specifications. Our reviewers draw on practical experience and the knowledge and understanding we have gained from our research projects.

Our experienced consultants are available to mentor and support your team members who may be taking on additional responsibilities or have perhaps joined from outside the construction industry.

While we are happy to just make you aware of issues, implementation support is available to allow the small marketing department to punch above its weight and deliver multiple projects. A service which is also used by companies wishing to enter the UK market.

In building product manufacturing, continuous innovation is crucial. Introducing new products safeguards profits, expands market share, and addresses industry trends. The resource-intensive new product development (NPD) process can be challenging for companies with limited staff. Competitive Advantage provides expert NPD support, ensuring success without compromising daily marketing activities.