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A service which reviews the material you use, primarily to engage with construction industry decision makers, and proposes or even implements changes. For some clients we will take established material and give it a ‘face lift’ ensuring all regulations and standards are up to date. For others we will start from scratch. We contribute to literature, websites, CPD seminars and technical product specifications. Our reviewers draw on practical experience and the knowledge and understanding we have gained from our research projects.

We can provide a review of your:

    • Website
    • Literature
    • CPD
    • Product Specifications
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Our sales and marketing tools available to help you:


Creating an effective CPD program for construction product promotion involves delivering informative and accurate content that aligns with the preferences of Architects, Engineers, and other design professionals. CPD accreditation ensures material meets criteria for quality. As a construction product manufacturer, the goal is to generate awareness and leads without overt selling. Achieving this requires a strategic approach, considering seminar objectives, competition, promotion, target market, content, style, technical information, legislation, and unique selling propositions (USPs). A review of existing materials can help strike the right balance and enhance overall effectiveness.


Technical literature is vital for conveying accurate information about your construction product, aiding specifiers in understanding usage, constraints, performance, and correct specification. It serves as an audit trail for projects and must be thorough, concise, and aligned with current standards.

Building product literature is a cornerstone of your marketing strategy, showcasing your company and product credentials, generating interest, and creating a desire to use your products.

To guarantee literature meets these objectives, Competitive Advantage offers a Construction Literature Health Check, providing valuable insights into its effectiveness.

Product Specifications

Well-crafted specification documents are crucial in marketing construction products, providing information beyond CAD drawings. Standard clauses save specifier time and ensure accurate product representation. Regular reviews of architects’ specifications establish trust and control over information, reducing the risk of substitution. Expert writers compile data to create comprehensive specifications, facilitating competitive pricing and defending against substitution. Accurate specifications support a seamless design process and long-term building performance.