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Welcome to Competitive Advantage’s Knowledge Hub, an invaluable tool offering a range of resources and services to help companies working in the Built Environment sector.

The Knowledge Hub includes networking opportunies, market forecasts, market reports, industry reports, news, blogs and articles and a range of marketing tools and services all designed to help you research, develop and deliver effective sales and marketing strategies.

Understanding the need for forecasting and demands on budgets for the marketing and sales teams, we now offer paid content within the Knowledge Hub via monthly or annual access charges, delivering excellent value at a set price to meet the needs of different user levels. For further information please see the Connect section of our website or Contact us for further information. 

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Utilising construction research and market data is crucial for a solid strategy. By analysing trends and understanding consumer behaviour, companies can adapt effectively, mitigate risks, and capitalise on opportunities. Informed decision-making based on data enables businesses to optimise resource allocation and foster growth.

Creating a strategy to influence the specification of construction products involves understanding the various members of the construction Decision Making Unit and the factors that influence them. By grasping these influences, it becomes possible to sway product selection and deter switching effectively.

Engaging with the construction decision maker has consistently posed a challenge in terms of finding the most effective methods to reach, inform, and influence specifiers, engineers, contractors, housebuilders, tradesmen, and merchants.

Maximising the potential of your construction CPD (Continuing Professional Development) can yield significant sales and marketing benefits when utilised effectively.

Understanding the structure of the UK construction sector is essential for maximising sales and marketing strategies. This knowledge allows businesses to tailor their approaches to the specific needs and preferences of various stakeholders, thereby increasing their effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Effective marketing requires a range of skills. Our Marketing ToolKit consists of a set of free to download datasheets setting out these basic skills for your reference.

Content Types

News and articles providing sales and marketing guidance specific to construction markets offer valuable insights for industry professionals. Staying updated with these resources helps businesses refine strategies, adapt to market changes, and drive success in a competitive industry.

Utilising construction reports, data, and forecasts is crucial for shaping an effective sales and marketing strategy. These resources offer valuable insights into market trends, upcoming projects, and potential challenges, enabling businesses to anticipate customer needs, identify growth opportunities, and maintain a competitive edge.

Construction industry reports cover key topics relevant to construction markets, offering valuable insights that enable businesses to make informed decisions and drive success in their sales and marketing endeavors.

Creating marketing persona templates for every member of the Construction Decision Making Unit is an excellent method for understanding your construction customer. These personas can then be utilised to tailor your construction sales and marketing strategy to address the specific challenges faced by your customers.

Vitally important in helping firms prepare business plans for the year ahead. With a few leading authorities regularly publishing broad construction forecasts, rather than prepare our own we have chosen to work with specialists who can provide a more tailored view. These are available to purchase from a single source, but also inform some of our bespoke research and report writing.

Our dedicated team comprises professionals recruited from sales, marketing, or specification roles within the construction sector. We offer ‘off-the-shelf’ consultancy services to assist you, or alternatively, we can accommodate bespoke requirements. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.

We provide tailored sales and marketing guidance specifically for construction markets, aimed at facilitating the growth of your business.