Implementing business strategy for construction markets

Business strategy for the built environment

Understanding the construction industry is vital to appreciate the complex relationships between buyers and decision makers.

There are a number of drivers influencing construction product selection, not just performance and appearance but external drivers, some of the more obvious are Planning, Building Regulations, Sustainability and BIM. It is important to understand the issues of importance to your construction customers. You need to know what is important to each decision maker, how this will influence their product choice and then demonstrate the value of your offering. All of this in turn contributes to your product specification strategy.

Why review your building product strategy?

Taking time to review your business strategy for construction markets will help you stay focused, identify any relevant training required by your team and also deliver against your business objectives.

By regularly referencing construction forecasts and researching construction markets, you will be in a good position to direct and measure your progress towards your end goal.

How we can help you develop and implement a winning strategy for construction markets

Because we are constantly conducting construction market research and participating in various industry groups, we have a good understanding of what drives industry decision makers. Our team have extensive construction industry experience, meaning we are able to understand the complex marketplace, so in-turn can work with you to deliver sound business recommendations.

With your input we complete construction market research and conduct workshops to gain information that will inform your construction marketing strategy. Then working with you we create a business strategy that encompasses your end goals and look at how to implement this in practical terms. We can also provide training to your team so that they understand and can implement these strategies.

Our knowledge hub to help you

With a dedicated area in our Knowledge Hub containing blogs, downloads and learning material we have expertise in key areas:

  • Implementing a specification strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • CPD Strategy
  • Implementing the marketing mix
  • Developing new channels to market
  • Incorporating sustainability into your strategy
  • Developing export markets

All of which can support you to develop and implement a specification strategy.


Implementation support

It may be that you have a clear understanding of your strategy but lack the resource to implement it. Our team are available to take on specific projects to allow the streamlined marketing department to punch above its weight and deliver multiple projects.

While we are not a sales agency, we can help with the initial marketing and customer qualification to help companies wishing to enter the UK market.

The benefits of letting us facilitate your strategy development

  • We understand the dynamics of the Decision Making Unit and are able to draw on our extensive research to inform strategy development
  • We have over 12 years’ experience of conducting construction market research, an important element to informing your strategy
  • We have been researching and mapping the evolution of communication channels in the construction sector since 2008
  • Chris Ashworth, founder of Competitive Advantage, is a leading authority in the development of demand through specification and has extensive knowledge of the specification process.