Engagement Preferences

The 2023 Construction Media Index reports highlight a trend of low attendance at both face-to-face and online conferences and seminars among contractors, attributed to their demanding schedules and the immersive nature of their profession. However, when they do engage, preference leans towards broader themes found in events like ‘UK Construction Week’ and ‘Digital Construction Week.’ These platforms provide a macro-view of the construction landscape, reflecting contractors’ inclination towards comprehensive learning experiences.

The digital format emerges as a favoured mode of engagement, aligning with the global shift towards digital consumption of knowledge. The report also identifies key topics that captivate contractors, including sustainability, modern construction methods, off-site construction, supply chain dynamics, and digitalization. These subjects reflect not only the industry’s evolving narratives but also areas where contractors seek professional enhancement.

In the architectural profession, the report uncovers a more fluid spectrum of engagement models, including home working, hybrid models, and traditional in-office arrangements. Architects exhibit significant engagement in both online and face-to-face conferences and seminars, showcasing a sustained commitment to continuous learning. Notably, the choice of conferences reflects a balance between broad-spectrum and niche-focused learning, with a preference for reputable, industry-specific platforms such as RIBA-run programmes.

Architects’ motivations for engagement revolve around learning something new and gathering insights relevant to ongoing projects. The digital or in-person format of learning styles caters seamlessly to these motivations, offering a structured yet flexible approach. The report also underscores the adaptability of architects, evident in their balanced engagement across various working models.

The architectural profession’s response to evolving work models, learning preferences, and professional engagements is depicted as mature and forward-looking. The insights from the Construction Media Index serve as a compass for stakeholders, guiding the understanding of nuanced preferences and motivations within the dynamic architectural field. The report invites educational institutions, professional bodies, and industry leaders to tailor engagement and learning platforms that resonate with the evolving architectural mind, fostering a culture of continuous exploration and pragmatic adaptation.

Alex Aldous, Head of Marketing and Communications – Gleeds

Alex is also Chair of CIMCIG, the Chartered Institute of Marketing Construction Industry Group





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