Jacob Bower-Bir
Consultant, USA

Jacob is a multifaceted professional, with contributions in the fields of architecture, international development, and academia. He holds a joint PhD in Political Science and Public Policy, and a Master’s degree in Architecture, both from Indiana University. His work, both in architecture and the social sciences, focuses on addressing complex global challenges in infrastructure and the built environment.

At the forefront of Jacob’s career is his groundbreaking work in sustainable architecture. As the Founding Designer of Terran Robotics, he has helped pioneer the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics—both aerial and cable driven—in construction. Jacob’s work has centred on construction development using low-cost, easily transported robots to build houses out of all natural clay composites, a method that marries traditional, environmentally friendly materials with cutting-edge technology. This approach not only emphasizes sustainability but also offers a cost-effective solution to housing in areas where conventional materials and labor are prohibitively expensive or otherwise unsustainable. While committed to the environmental benefits of earthen architecture, Jacob has collaborated with, and designed for, innovators in related construction endeavors, including 3D printed concrete. He is leading figure at the forefront of automated construction in the US.

As a founder of the architectural worker cooperative Design Anarchy, Jacob is well versed in creating communal spaces that foster democratic and egalitarian interactions. His architectural philosophy is deeply rooted in promoting community and mutual support, crucial elements in the evolving landscape of urban development, cooperative housing and efficiently building and running homes, especially in low resource environments and among vulnerable populations.

Jacob has worked extensively as a strategy consulting associate with Misca Advisors in the Americas and Asia since 2018.