Kevin Breslin

Kevin originally qualified as a Barrister at Law in the Republic of Ireland and after some years in legal practice there qualified additionally as a Solicitor in the United Kingdom. He is a commercial law, local government and international development specialist with over 30 years of professional experience covering the areas of contract law, company/commercial law and regulatory law. This includes advising on issues relating to land development, construction projects, urban planning and related regulatory compliance.

In the international development field, Kevin spent four years as a commercial law adviser to the Government of Malawi on a Forestry Concession public private partnership project and had previously advised on the legal aspects of public sector reform programmes in Afghanistan, Ghana and India. Additionally, he worked for Atos Consulting (and specifically, with colleagues now at Misca Advisors), in The Gambia on a World Bank funded Trade Gateway Project advising on legal and regulatory reforms aimed at strengthening the business environment.

In recent years, Kevin has been a member of Misca Advisors’ team providing transaction advisory services to the Government of Cambodia on the delivery of tourist port infrastructure and regulatory measures to support development of private management of irrigation infrastructure.

In addition to his overseas engagements, Kevin’s specialism is advising public and private sector clients on land planning issues and regulatory local government law in relation to property development projects.