Maximising the Benefit from Construction Market Research – Webinar

Market research is key to making informed business decisions. Insights into market size, competition, market need, and consumer behaviour can be leveraged to shape strategies and marketing and sales activities. Without these you are assuming that previous sales and marketing strategies will work again and in today’s world that is extremely unlikely.

In this webinar we review the different forms of research; primary vs secondary; qualitative vs quantitative; desktop research, surveys, telephone and face to face depth interviews, virtual and face to face focus groups, and ethnography, and discuss when each is appropriate.

We will also suggest what makes a good research brief and why establishing the right questions is so important in ensuring an effective project.


  • Why conduct research? Examples of how it has been used effectively.
  • The different types of research, how they’re carried out, their advantages and disadvantages
  • Online surveys
  • Telephone and face to face depth interviews
  • Online and face to face focus groups
  • Ethnography
  • The ethics of good customer and market research
  • Writing an effective brief
  • Q&A



We hope you found our webinar useful. You can download our Toolkit Datasheet – Using Market Research

As a reminder of some of the key points, we also have a Research Brief Template you can download.