Offsite Construction Will Only Continue to Grow

The use of offsite manufacture for construction in the UK continues to grow. Our latest analysis, based on live projects in Barbour ABI, shows that in 2022 live projects using some form of offsite element were worth in excess of £28.6 billion, compared to just £1.5 billion in 2013.

The 2016 Farmer Review, “Modernise or Die”, highlighted that skills shortages would impact the construction industry with 62,000 workers retiring each year between 2016 and 2026 and only 23,000 new apprentices starting each year.

These figures are now likely to increase with recent changes to the immigration system since Brexit, making many on-site workers ineligible for a visa, and this has been exacerbated further by the global pandemic.

All of this suggests that the construction industry cannot continue with its traditional construction practices.

“With the government driving and incentivising the use of offsite on its projects in key markets such as healthcare, education, defence and justice, the offsite industry will continue to grow. Residential is also a key market due to the worrying short fall of affordable housing and the requirement to build more quickly and efficiently,” comments Jenny Brookes of Competitive Advantage Consultancy.

Offsite and modern methods of construction (MMC) has the potential to improve the quality and reliability of build, become more efficient and reduce the speed and cost of construction.

This report was updated in February 2022 and provides construction manufacturers and other suppliers with an in-depth understanding of market sizes and forecasts in health, education, custodial, office and residential markets, all backed up by data. There are also listings of 88 volumetric manufacturers, key specifiers and other major players.

To assist with your strategic planning, the full report can be ordered here.


Written by Jenny Brookes, Associate