Customer Satisfaction Measurement in Construction Markets

Every building product manufacturer needs to understand the drivers for construction product selection. Customer satisfaction surveys give insight into how to improve your business process and allows you to track trends in construction needs. This puts you in a strong position to retain valued construction customers and gain repeat sales. The best way to find out if your customers are happy is to ask them by conducting regular construction market research.

The benefits of conducting a construction specifier satisfaction survey are:

  • It enables fact-based decision making
  • improves specifier loyalty by providing good service where it matters
  • Gives an understanding of the importance of price in decision making
  • Helps you understand what customers like about your service and why
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement
  • Prioritises planned changes based on customer needs
  • Strengthens your customer relationship
  • Benchmarks performance against your competitors
  • Identifies your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

How we can help you with your customer satisfaction measurement:

The construction industry is responsible for 9% of UK GDP and has a complex Decision Making Unit (DMU), hence representing a marketing challenge, and as the government encourages initiatives such as sustainability and BIM the dynamics are set to change.
For the construction sales and marketing professional this poses challenges:

  • Which are the best methods for communicating with Architects and Engineers?
  • Will Architects and Engineers specify my products and if so, how?
  • What is the influence of BIM on product specification?

How we can help you with your customer satisfaction measurement:

Competitive Advantage work with you to identify your customer satisfaction challenges. Taking the factors that you believe to be important, we draw on our experience to recommend a questionnaire structure. Having got your approval we will then test this with a small sample to ensure it is working as intended.

Conducting your customer satisfaction construction market research

Conducted on your behalf, we have found telephone interviews to be the most cost effective and reliable method of construction market research. If there are some complex issues, or important customers, we can include face-to-face interviews in the construction research process.

Based on your channels to the construction market and customer mix we will recommend a sample of representative size and mix.

We will ask you to provide us with your customer list so that we can conduct the interviews. These will remain confidential and be deleted from our records 6 weeks after project completion.

When we conduct interviews we will ask respondents for their permission to identify them to you. We find that many of your customers are happy for you to know what they think, and often they want you to know who made the comments.

Because of our construction background we recognise that some information – either complaints or opportunities – should be fed back to you immediately for action and we do this. We also provide a transcript of each interview, this can be a valuable tool for your marketing and sales team.

Reporting is factual but includes a series of commercial recommendations based on our extensive construction sales and marketing experience.

Upon completion we recommend that you contact your customers about the construction market research, telling them what they said about you and the improvements you plan to make. This will strengthen your relationship with your customers.