Sarah Dorgan
Client Account Manager

Throughout her 18-year career, Sarah has consistently excelled as a Senior Administrator and Business Coordinator. Her journey began in the construction industry at Aspire Defence Capital Works, where she supported a team of 150 and excelled in various administrative and procurement tasks. Later, at Actica Consulting Ltd, she specialised in consultancy support and demonstrated her ability to foster strong client relationships.

However, it is at Competitive Advantage since 2017 that Sarah’s contributions truly shine. She plays a pivotal role in ensuring the consultancy’s seamless operation, serving as a customer liaison, managing training courses, and actively contributing to industry event planning. Sarah’s multifaceted role includes account management, event coordination, and visual material preparation, directly impacting the consultancy’s success and competitive advantage. Her meticulous organisational skills and commitment to operational efficiency make her an indispensable asset to the consultancy.

Since 2017, Sarah has been a crucial member of the Competitive Advantage team, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the consultancy’s smooth operation. Her responsibilities include serving as a customer liaison for consultancy and research projects, managing training courses, and organising industry events. Sarah’s diverse roles encompass account management, event coordination, visual material preparation, and team support. She efficiently manages the CRM system, compiles client proposals and reports, engages with opportunities, and advocates for customers. Her contributions to visual material preparation, collaboration with team members to meet deadlines, website maintenance, and schedule management for the Managing Director are also noteworthy. Overall, Sarah’s efforts significantly impact the organisation’s success, contributing to sales achievements and enhancing team productivity.