Understanding What Architects Want – Getting your Construction Product Specified

For the construction product manufacturer marketing to architects is a key business strategy; creating awareness of products so that they’ll be included in designs, thereby creating ‘demand pull’ through the supply chain, and eventually sales.

The architect is one of the most important members of the design team, distilling the requirements and advice of other members of the Decision Making Unit (DMU)

The Architect acts as the node between the client, main contractor, specialist contractor and many others to ensure the right products are selected and installed correctly. The architect will develop the buildings’ design, taking the client’s brief and combining it with the advice of the consultants.

Out of more than quarter of a million professionals within the UK construction industry there are more than 60,000 Architects and Architectural Technicians. The Royal Institute of British Architects has more than 28,000 members worldwide and more than 3,000 registered UK practices.

What architects want – getting your construction product specified from Competitive Advantage

Communicating with Architects

Architects are often ‘small businesses’ so are time poor and consequently hard to get hold of. Think carefully about how to communicate with the Architect, choosing your channels of communication carefully and presenting the appropriate product information in an easy to access format.

There are many tools that are at the disposal of marketing to influence specification, such as a well managed technical advice service, or carefully tailored CPD seminars. Our research report entitled: Construction Media Index, identifies key media used by Architects, looking at electronic and hardcopy communication channels, including trade titles actually read.

To achieve a strong understanding of your Architect customers consider creating a persona. This method helps you to create a character that represents your customer base, so helping you make your marketing more personable and of relevance. This approach to marketing informs your content strategy, meaning you can speak to customers pain points and challenges through the specification journey.

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