A Checklist for Delivering Effective Construction CPD

From the building product manufacturer’s perspective, there are a whole series of benefits to be gained from offering CPD. Yet it is important to get the delivery right. Architects and Engineers do not want to be sold to. Construction specifiers are looking for informative CPD delivered by someone with technical and design knowhow. Here is a quick-guide and checklist for effective construction CPD.

Pre-selling your construction CPD

Start by drawing up a list of targets from among the top specifying organisations working within your market sectors. Then make sure that everyone knows about your seminar: Issue a press release, have details clearly displayed on your website and directly approach your target organisations. Have material you can immediately send or email, which introduces your seminar, presents the benefits and has a call to action to book the seminar.

When you receive a booking it is also important to complete some background research: What projects the practice are currently working on? Have they used your products before and, if so, on what projects? Make sure your presenter knows as much as possible about the practice before the seminar.

Here is a handy checklist to help in preparing and delivering effective Construction CPD:

Planning your seminar:

On the day of delivery:

Following the seminar:

Remember that delivering the seminar is not the end of the process, but the start. You need to define a series of follow-up actions to ensure that you get the maximum return from the visit, help build relationships and create opportunities. This will allow you to maximise and measure the return you get from your CPD.