What do Architects Want from CPD?

CPD is an effective means of engaging with architects, but with over 500 companies offering CPD to architects, who have limited time, securing a booking is increasingly competitive. Therefore manufacturers need to have a strong offering; with this in mind, Competitive Advantage Consultancy conducted research, to help understand what architects want from CPD so that building product manufacturers can get maximum benefit from this CPD strategy.

How Architectural Practices Engage with CPD provides insight into the CPD subjects of primary interest for architects. It also presents findings on what architects consider makes a good CPD and which manufacturer seminars they consider above average and why.

The research, which surveyed 150 Architectural practices during August 2018, gives evidence on how far ahead CPD is scheduled, how frequently CPD is required, as well as the preferred time and method of delivery. How the architect and the CPD co-ordinator learn of CPD and whether seminar accreditation matters is also presented.

The objective of this report is to help inform CPD strategy for building product manufacturers. So that they can improve the CPD offering they provide by understanding what Architects require and look for and how best to deliver their CPD material to Architects.

The report costs £500 + VAT and is available to purchase online here


This report presents findings on:

  • Subjects of primary interest when attending CPD
  • What makes a good CPD seminar – graphics, presentation style etc.
  • The importance of seminar accreditation
  • The advantages and disadvantages of the different types of delivery (online, F2F seminar)
  • How architectural practices learn of CPD availability
  • How far ahead CPD is scheduled, frequency of CPD, preferred time of day for attendance
  • The top manufacturer seminars attended