Architects Omnibus – Online Focus Group

As product manufacturers prepare for what is expected to be a tougher 2023, many are recognising that they need to improve their engagement with the specifier to increase product specification and reduce the effect of price competition when sub-contractors purchase. To be effective that means understanding the drivers of importance to architects – zero carbon, the impact of the Building Safety Regulator and construction products regulations to name but a few.

Competitive Advantage regularly conducts bespoke market research on behalf of building product manufacturers. But while projects of this nature can provide extremely comprehensive information about a target sector they require a lot of resource and the price reflects this.

For the manufacturer who only wants one or two questions answered a cost-effective alternative is an omnibus survey. Normally these are conducted as a telephone survey with subscribers purchasing one or two questions. But we have introduced a new approach – the omnibus focus group. This is an online focus group conducted with between 6 and 10 architects selected from those working in target sectors of interest. We start with a broad brief, get input from subscribers, which then allows us to fine tune the brief to get a discussion which meets the needs of our subscribers. Subscribers are anonymous to the other subscribers and to the participating architects, which means they cannot participate in the actual focus group discussion. But after the focus group has been conducted they receive a transcript and video recording of the discussion.

We are currently planning our next omnibus online focus group which will be conducted with architects designing for logistics and warehouses. If this is a group of decision makers of interest to you, email us now at to express interest and have an opportunity to influence the topics to be discussed.

Cost to participate is just £1,200 + VAT per subscriber.