Construction’s Contribution to the UK’s Journey to Zero Carbon

As we approach COP

As part of its role hosting the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) a raft of sustainability measures have been announced. Construction has an important role to play in implementing these. Just what are they and how should you be planning?

Last week the UK government published its Net Zero Strategy, a 30 year plan to Build Back Greener. This in turn supported its previously announced 10 Point Plan of £12 billion of measures in the short to medium term. Many of these measures directly or indirectly impact on construction. To help understand it all Competitive Advantage has published an Implementation Timeline running from 2024 to 2050 and a report The UK Zero Carbon Market 2021.

For the product manufacturer there will be new opportunities in the form of Thermal Insulation, Boilers and Heat Pumps, Solar Energy, District Heating Networks, Charging for Electric Vehicles, Low Emission Site Vehicles and Water Management just to name the most obvious. That means research to understand what decision makers want and how they will make choices.

There will also be the need to ensure that information is available about your products in the form of Energy Performance Certificates, Environmental Product Declarations and Life Cycle Assessments to name just three. And of course, to ensure that contractors are fully trained in how to install or use products correctly.

Not only is this important as part of the United Nation’s initiative to inspire climate change action, but it is heralding the next generation of building products which can contribute to a new approach to construction.