Changing Construction Communications

The seventh edition of the Construction Media Index has been released. This is a survey of construction professionals which Competitive Advantage have been conducting bi-annually since 2008. It started as a measure of how decision makers were moving from traditional hard copy publications to what was then the ‘new’ digital communications.

With the pandemic, a new dynamic has been added as a result of the wide adoption of home-working amongst design professionals. The timing of this year’s edition, which was conducted during the latter part of 2021 through to January 2022, includes a view of how practices have changed as a result of the pandemic which acted as a catalyst for the adoption of many digital and cloud based services. The Construction Media Index measures many aspects of this, providing an invaluable tool for the construction marketer planning their communications strategy.

As might be expected, the report covers use of social media, hard copy and digital publication readership and sources of technical information. But it also looks at the level of trust for these different channels as well as the role of online influencers. Our section on engagement preferences is possibly the most important for those organising sales teams as it shows how home working has been adopted and is likely to continue, plus preferred methods for meetings with sales representatives, attending CPD seminars, conferences and exhibitions. This clearly shows that following the forced use of online during lockdowns a blended approach to engagement will be required in the future.

The Construction Media Index comprises 5 individual reports into communication channel usage by Architects, M&E Consulting Engineers, Housebuilders, Main Contractors and Electricians. For a preview of the findings register for our free webinar.