CPD and Presentation Skills


To maintain or improve market share and profitability manufacturers need to create demand for their products by working with specifiers.

Today this is a complex process involving the Contractor as well as various professionals, with the use of tools such as CPD seminars and BIM influencing the outcome. Projects also need to be monitored from conception through to completion, which can take 18 months or more; a process which should involve a coordinated approach from your marketing, sales and technical support teams. The company which understands who the different influencers are, what is important to them and the circumstances when they are most important has the greatest chance of sales success.

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This course is suitable for those in sales or marketing management responsible for developing and implementing strategy, as well as salesmen calling on architects, engineers and contractors. Suitable for both those new to this environment and as a refresher for the experienced sales person. It also helps those in marketing and technical advisors to understand what support the sales team needs and how to use this effectively

  • Understand the impact of market influences
  • Recognise the different contracts used and their impact on decision making
  • Know the different decision makers and how they influence specification
  • Develop long term relationships with specifiers
  • Create generic specifications which are hard to break
  • Effectively use the different sales tools available
  • Develop personal strategies to manage the process

CPD and Presentation Skills

  • Purpose of CPD
  • Benefits
  • Maximising the effect of the seminar
  • Using it to build relationships
  • Delivery and presentation skills


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