Specifier Engagement Webinar

Every building product manufacturer needs to make a simple choice. Are they going to approach the market with a lowest price offering, or a value approach? A value approach requires that they make specifiers – architect, engineer, contractor and sometimes client – aware of the benefits of their products and hence justify a price premium.

For many years Competitive Advantage has worked with product manufacturers to help them develop specifier engagement. Our work researching how specifiers make decisions in combination with practical experience working in marketing and sales roles for building product manufacturers has made us a leading authority on the subject of engaging with specifiers. We have defined a 4 step process using conventual marketing best practice:

Create Awareness using various marketing channels to make them aware of your offering and then bring them to your website where they can review the product’s credentials.

Support specifier Evaluation, providing the information they need to decide if your product is the best choice for their project.

Once they have decided to Specify your product they need the correct information. A well written specification either in a Proprietary or Performance format. Getting the wording to these right is absolutely critical to ensure that specification is not changed later during the project.

Finally, there is the Purchase. First it is necessary to ensure that the sub-contractor has the will to use your product. If not, there is the need to defend the specification. A common reason for switching specifications is the lack of product availability. So ensure distributors, merchants and wholesalers carry stock and that the sub-contractor knows where it can be found.

We offer an in-house course on this subject, or you can use our online learning. For further information about this see our recently broadcast webinar Specifier Engagement.

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