A guide to entering the UK Market Webinar

The UK construction market offers many opportunities for overseas product manufacturers who currently have limited or no presence there. Although the forecast for 2023 UK construction activity shows a decline, this is primarily in new housebuilding, with most other sectors continuing to show some growth thanks to projects such as HS2 Rail, logistics centres and government investment in healthcare and education. The country also has a significant commitment to Zero Carbon driven by both government and private sector.

Although the market operates in a similar manner to many construction markets worldwide, there are some special factors to be aware of. The influence of RIBA, the adoption of BIM, the move towards Zero Carbon and most recently the implications of the Building Safety Act. There is also the challenge of bringing your products to the attention of decision makers, where social media has an important part to play as well as evolving online design tools.

Selling into the UK has become more complex since Brexit and Competitive Advantage in partnership with Konduit have delivered a webinar which talks through some of the factors to consider when marketing building products in the UK. Both companies have experience of supporting UK market entry programmes, via market research to evaluate opportunities, identification of local partners and assistance with setting up representative offices and recruiting staff. If we don’t have the capability to support your programme, then we probably know someone who does.

There is a lot of information to cover, but this webinar provides a useful introduction. It considers the composition of the UK construction market, if there is a market for your products, legislation and approvals, barriers to entry, marketing and sales channels as well as practical aspects of trading in the UK.


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