Engaging with Specifiers using Telephone Conversations

If your company has decided on a value approach, engaging with specifiers to create awareness and hence demand, you will have a programme involving the key elements; an Effective Website, a presence amongst different sources of product information, an education programme of CPD, case studies to demonstrate your products in application, samples to provide a hands-on experience and most important – well written specifications. For more information, see our article and webinar on Specifier Engagement.

Although online options such as website and social media can start the process of engaging with specifiers, these are reactive. Yes, the quality of the content and where you have a presence will make a difference. But there is still the challenge of differentiating your brand from a busy market and dealing with the gap in specifier’s awareness of alternative options to their normal preferences.

This is where the telephone conversation has a part to play. It needs to be relevant to the architect or engineer being contacted, helping them to resolve issues or challenges they are facing. Done in a competent manner this can open the door to further engagement including the booking of a CPD, supply of a product specification or a meeting with your specification manager to discuss a project.

Although architects value the input from product manufacturers they also complain that once they make an enquiry they are ‘pestered’ by the sales representative. This may be a factor behind why they don’t reach out to the manufacturer as often as might be wished (although lack of time is probably the main reason). Like emails, sometimes with phone calls less is more. So avoid spamming your contacts by email or phone. Timing needs to be appropriate, and part of the sign-off to each call should include agreeing when would be a good time for follow-up contact.

In our webinar ‘Using Telephone Conversations with Specifiers to Educate and Inform’ Jon Sanctuary of Tempest Cosgrave, a Business to Business (B2B) Telemarketing Agency, explains how this can be done using case study examples of projects they have undertaken for product manufacturers. We hope you find it provides some useful ideas for engaging with specifiers.



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