Improve your training and development

In today’s increasingly competitive environment, to effectively engage with architects and engineers, sales and marketing staff working for product manufacturers must update their skills, here’s why:

Construction is a complex industry and many people new to the industry have trouble understanding the inter-relationship of different decision makers and their drivers. Our online course Construction Industry Overview helps explain this.

Understand your marketing channels. Clause 11 of the Code for Construction Product Information (CCPI) advises manufacturers to ensure that anyone conveying ‘Product Information’ is competent to the level of knowledge required. Product knowledge is vitally important, but they also need to understand marketing in construction. We can offer an in-house course.

The Building Safety Regulator will “promote competence among industry professionals” This will create increased demand for delivery of CPDs, a great opportunity to engage with the specifier. We can help you develop your range of CPDs and deliver them effectively.

Is your specification strategy effective enough? Take our free module Introducing a Specification Strategy to see how good your company’s specification strategy is. Then update your specification skills with our online programme Creating Demand through Specification which has long been available as a tailored in-house programme but it is also available in a series of online modules.

Ensure your team’s customer engagement skills are at their best
With our range of in-house programmes to develop the key skills of customer engagement which can be tailored to your needs.

Free construction sales and marketing information and advice
From Competitive Advantage’s  knowledge hub of blog articles including webinars as well as our Toolkit data sheet downloads. This free resource is available to help you and your team develop and improve specifier engagement.

Effective staff will make the difference in challenging times
Sales and marketing staff development can be achieved via Competitive Advantage’s selection of in-house face-to-face training programmes, mentoring or online modules.

Competitive Advantage has been serving the construction sector and building product manufacturers for 24 years and our team have extensive industry experience mostly gained working for product manufacturers. Why not contact us and discuss how we can help you.