How We Can All Help to Build a Safer Future

Let’s start with a bit of jargon busting….you may have heard of the CCPI, but what is it?  CCPI stands for the Code for Construction Product Information and has come about as a result of the devastating tragedy at Grenfell and the disturbing allegations of malpractice by some construction product manufacturers.

Never wanting to have a repeat of that, the Construction Products Association (CPA) was tasked with the subject of product competence which was listed as an issue in the 2018 Hackitt report.

To quote Dame Judith Hackitt “….building safety can be compromised by inappropriate product substitution, poor installation, inadequate classification, identification and guidance on use….it is vital that we take action to rebuild confidence in the supply chain….”

Draft Code to rebuild confidence

In response, the Construction Products Association (CPA) set up the Marketing Integrity Group (MIG) which is made up of a cross section of industry professionals. After a substantial amount of work, they have recently published the initial Code.  Its intention is to provide a framework for construction product manufacturers and suppliers to ensure they give their customers correct and up to date information about their products in an appropriate language.

Confidence throughout our supply chain clearly needs to be regained and the Code sets out in 11 clauses how a consistent approach to reliable product information should be the ultimate goal for all.

In the future, all data should be “clear, accurate, up to date, accessible, unambiguous” – the five acid tests of the Code.

Bringing back trust and integrity

An initial draft document is now available at and what is needed now is for anyone involved in supplying and specifying product information to give their thoughts and comments on this to help shape the final version of the Code.

For some the processes will not be new, but it is intended that we remember the best practice and procedures which we ought to be living up to. And this applies to both large and small companies.

It’s also clear that for some companies, their processes will need to be fine tuned and updated and both written and verbal product information checked for competency.

The overarching aim is to increase the trust, integrity and professionalism of all in construction by safely providing product solutions and relevant data to the supply chain.

It’s not perfect yet….

There have been a lot of comments on LinkedIn and other social media channels about what this Code contains – or doesn’t contain. It’s not perfect yet, nor are all the details set in stone, but the concept is here to stay. It will happen!

So what is needed now is for as many representatives from the construction industry as possible to have their input considered and included in the Consultation process to make it a fair and accessible process for all. Everyone from in-house marketing, agencies, sales, technical; whether a manufacturer, distributor or contractor will need to demonstrate that they have the processes in place to ensure they supply good, honest information in the future. And those that don’t will be at a disadvantage when it comes to supplying their goods into the UK market. There’s even talk that it will become mandatory for anyone supplying government funded projects to become CCPI compliant.

As a marketer in the construction industry for the past 20 years, Grenfell was a terrible and embarrassing disaster. So I’d urge you to read the code and provide your feedback to help restore faith and trust in our sector.

Have your say

1 Download and read the Code for Construction Product Information (24 pages in an easy to understand format)

2 Complete the Consultation survey by 31st March 2021 (it only takes 15-20 minutes)

3 Be part of a safer future!

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