CIB are sponsors of the Construction Media Index 2022. In this article Catherine Caplis comments on some of the findings from the report on levels of trust construction decision makers have in the different media.

New media has undoubtedly opened up a wealth of opportunity for marketers, in our quest for measurability but there is a risk that your brand will suffer, if you only play the numbers game.

Trade publications are certainly a case in point.  Agencies are being increasingly challenged on the role of the press, as in most cases they offer significantly less reach than, for example, the video views that can be gained from a social media advertising campaign.  Yet, vanity figures will only get you so far.

To deliver a successful strategy, the marketing mix is still king – and only when you look deeper and consider motivation, mindset.. and trust, can you truly understand how each of the different tools at your disposal contribute to success.

Delivering a social media advert to a passive audience will certainly help create awareness. However, if we look further down the marketing funnel, when it comes to consider, prefer and purchase where might your audience seek reassurance?   Compare the mindset of a target who is scrolling through Facebook with one who has chosen to read a trade publication and you can start to see how differently your message might land.  And when you consider that time and time again trade publications are rated as the most trustworthy information source, you begin to appreciate the role they play.

Taking another example; investment in PPC may well achieve the top spot in search engine rankings – but what has influenced the user to actually click on your brand?  The success of a particular activity can never be measured in isolation – and in this case it’s likely that activity across other trusted information sources has contributed to that click through too.

With 62.9% of adults concerned about the validity of what they read online, trust is likely to become an even more important part of brand building – and the channel by which your message is delivered will have an influence. Only by considering both the reach and impact of the different strands of a campaign, can you effectively evaluate their inclusion.


Catherine Caplis, Joint MD