Online Sources of Information and Influence

Insynth are sponsors of the Construction Media Index 2022. In this article Leigh Simpson comments on some of the findings from the report on construction decision makers’ use of online sources of information and influence.


It’s 2022, we’re post-pandemic, the worst of the COVID crisis is behind us; can we get back to normal?

It’s time to get out there, book trade shows, arrange face-to-face CPDs, resume trade advertising, hire more reps and get in front of customers.  ‘Business as usual’ is back. Right?

Hold on. What’s the new normal? How’s your target audience behaving? What do they want? How are they looking for information and inspiration? How do they want information delivered?

These are good questions to ask. Objective research like this report is invaluable in helping to develop your strategy.

So what can we learn?

The research points to a permanent shift in buyer behaviour where search engines and manufacturer websites are the primary sources of information for specifiers and decision makers.

Use of hard copy trade publications is continuing to decline, while online consumption increases.

There’s little appetite for face-to-face CPD sessions with digital live and on-demand delivery  preferred.

Blog, video and podcast use has increased, and social media has become the norm as part of the decision making and communication processes.

Your customers and prospects want to email you, visit your website, use chat or WhatsApp for technical advice rather than meet with a sales rep.

Take a moment to join the dots here. It’s all digital.

In 2020, it was blind panic. We were housebound, we needed to get our brands online.

2021 was a period of sober reflection for many businesses. Digital was here to stay, how do we up-skill, how can we get it right?

2022 is the time to double down, embrace the change in consumer behaviour and permanently change our business models, our budgets and our organisation structures.

Whether we’re market leaders or challengers, we cannot afford to leave the online door ajar for our competitors to capitalise, or our distributors to seize even more power over our commercial relationships.

The complete end-to-end buyers/specifiers journey needs to be re-evaluated and adapted too.

Now is the time to make your website the best in class for your sector, get your house in order with effective SEO, content marketing, social media management and the digitalisation of all of your technical assets.

Seek advice from the experts, be objective, talk to your customers, but ignore the facts at your peril.  Because if you don’t evolve, it could be your business and your career that suffers.


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Leigh Simpson, CEO