The Principal Roles in the Construction Decision Making Unit

In construction there is rarely one decision maker for a project, rather there are a group of people influencing product selection of whom one has the ultimate authority. The key to successfully specifying building products and ultimately supplying them to the project is to know who all of the decision makers are and to present relevant benefits to each.

In this webinar we will run through the key decision maker, the stages of the RIBA Plan of Works when they are involved, their strength of influence and what matters to them. An understanding of these influences can help the marketer plan communications and select relevant content. For the specification sales person it will help ensure they are effectively monitoring the project from conception to completion.

The webinar is presented by Chris Ashworth and Julie Croasdale of Competitive Advantage. Both have extensive knowledge and understanding of construction sales and marketing as well as experience helping product manufacturers to engage with the construction DMU.


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