Understanding Which Social Channels to Focus on for Construction

Recent research, The Construction Media Index, provides valuable insight into the communication channels used by construction decision makers. As part of this Architects, Contractors, Housebuilders, Offsite Manufactures and Builders Merchants were asked about the events they attend. This guest blog, by Paul Fryer, presents some of the findings and considers how to get best value from social marketing.

Under the Influence

Many B2B marketers can sometimes get lost on social media. Understanding which social channels to focus on, which messaging drives engagement, or how to use social media to convert more leads are all common challenges facing today’s marketers.

With this in mind, it’s important to remember that tackling fewer platforms should be a key part of your strategy. Focus on those that work for your audience and don’t spread yourself too thin. By narrowing the focus and refining you can ensure good content and engagement where it works best.

Having an advanced influencer strategy is a great way to increase this exposure to your brand. From the outset you need to track increases in social engagements, likes and follows, as well as website traffic and conversions in order to prove the value in compiling a list and having bespoke strategies in approaching them. Narrowing down these influencers (either via a simple web search, LinkedIn Pulse or through various university press lists) defines who the main thought leaders are in your industry’s space.

As above, you need to start with the channels these experts are most active on. Send personal messages and do your research about them so that you can leave insightful comments on substantial posts, with questions that will engage the writer in deeper discussions with you.

Most importantly though you need to be helpful (my work mantra!) By using social monitoring to record what the person is regularly posting you can define where you can add value to their following. Share their content where possible or even look to develop new web properties for joint ventures, invite the influencer to networking events where they can share both your products and their own, or propose the creation of new products and services within your company that leverage the influencer’s knowledge and personal brand.

Every relationship with an industry influencer will unfold differently. By tending to each one, the benefits (in terms of increased leads, and greater brand recognition among prospects) will begin to manifest.

Over time, you’ll be able to determine ROI directly from these individual relationships. Always be polite but persistent. You never know when an influencer’s personal branding might take off, bringing new waves of prospects to your door.


Author – Paul Fryer, Group Digital Marketing Manager, Kier Group

Paul Fryer writes a blog with his views on the latest trends in web, social media and video. He also shares projects he has been working on within the Construction industry. www.deepphat.co.uk