Writing Blogs to Promote CPD

After investing considerable time, effort and money in developing, testing and approving your construction CPD, it is now the time to start using it to enable engagement with specifiers. The advent of Covid 19 has meant the traditional face-to-face delivery of construction CPD is not currently an option. Instead manufacturers are generally now offering their construction CPD through either:

  • An online pre-recorded version (with subtitles or voiceover), which meets the demands of those specifiers which might be working from home and want CPD available 24/7.


  • Live webinars run by the Sales team to offer, as near as possible, the traditional popular in-practice lunch and learn format.


CPD, now more than ever, is pivotal in engaging with specifiers to build a relationship with the aim of future specification with measurable return on investment. Writing blogs can be one way a product manufacturer can promote their construction CPD (whether it be new or existing) to increase views of online versions, or increase webinar bookings to build engagement, relationships and possible end specification.

Using blogs to promote your CPDs allows you to achieve several objectives:

  • It makes people aware that you have a CPD
  • It presents your organisation as experts on the CPD’s subject without the need to provide too much evidence
  • By presenting some of the content it allows long tail search phrases to be included, improving your SEO and generating new contacts
  • It provides some of the glue between different specification tools such as CPD, product specifications, BIM objects and online calculators.

Blog Content

The first and most simplistic blog would be a simple announcement which outlines the name and subject matter of the CPD, why the company produced it (maybe it was to update an already successful CPD, new regulations coming in, new products/technologies). If content is RIBA approved, then outlining which of its core curriculum topics it sits in would be useful. Finally include what format(s) it is available in, the most important learning outcomes and the hyperlinks to view or make a booking.

Insight and targeting
The next stage would be to create blogs based around the subjects covered in the CPD.

These will need more substance than the launch blog and can be tailored to the different construction product specifiers.

Maybe there are new installation technologies that reduce time and cost, new product technologies to meet a specific regulation, or there is a high cost of failure by choosing the incorrect product which can be outlined or even aspects concerning your company directly which may be seen as key for influencing the specification such as attaining a 3rd party environmental/sustainability accreditation.

Construction CPD is a relatively static as once it is third party approved it must largely stay as is. But there can be the opportunity to relate it to current topics such as decorative trends or events, so the blog could talk about these and link back.

Blogs do not need to be very long, and I would recommend writing several shorter blogs, maybe one covering each of the key points in the seminar, rather than one long one. Having the short ones focussing on one aspect allows you to issue several different messages to the same audience across a reasonable time frame and can be built into any automation software being utilised.  Each one putting your brand and company in the consciousness of the reader and reinforcing your company’s experience and knowledge in the area.

The Trusted Advisor
In addition to positioning your company as the expert, you might also want to position some of your key personnel as Trusted Advisors. Whether you are outsourcing the writing of the blogs to a PR agency or have internal marketing resource to create them, it’s worth considering assigning them to named Technical or Sales people with the tone of the Technical ones being different to that of the Sales. In the current Covid world this can help create personality and build relationships in the absence of the face-to-face meeting.

Once completed these blogs can sit on your website – with direct links to a booking form for the CPD, so there is a call to action. Each of the blogs should be promoted across the usual marcoms channels – Company newsletters, social media channels, webpage banners, email sign offs etc.

Competitive Advantage work with manufacturers to develop a CPD programme. Services range from a review of an existing CPD, updating an existing seminar or developing a CPD strategy for you and even writing a new CPD programme. To discuss your requirements contact us.