The Client:

Founded in 1993 by architect, Peter King RIBA, the Rooflight Company created the original Conservation Rooflight® which continues to lead the marketplace as the best product in its class.

Today offering the UK’s widest selection of high quality rooflights, roof windows and skylights, the Rooflight Company has built an outstanding reputation for innovation and design excellence.

The Project:

The Rooflight Company asked Competitive Advantage to work with them on delivering a half day seminar for Architects.

The Rooflight Company requested that Competitive Advantage draw on their industry knowledge to compile a suitable agenda that incorporated a guest speaker. Competitive Advantage was also asked to manage the event by sourcing a suitable venue, provide support through developing the agenda wording and email invitations, manage the registration process and manage the event on the day.

The Objectives:

To deliver a half day event for Architects; to present a seminar that positioned the Rooflight Company as trusted advisor to Architects, design experts, so making them the Architects choice for rooflights.

The Methodology:

Following an initial face to face meeting with the Rooflight Company Competitive Advantage submitted a proposal outlining tasks and responsibilities. Agreeing this enabled us to work in partnership on delivering a successful seminar.

Competitive Advantage drew on their industry knowledge to source an additional speaker to compliment the Rooflight content. The Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre was recommended by Competitive Advantage, not only for its location but as an inspirational venue that would suit the seminar objectives.

Competitive Advantage proposed the agenda wording and event title and developed the email invitations. An invitation list of just over 400 Architects was source by Competitive Advantage, to broaden the reach of the seminar beyond the Rooflight Company’s existing contacts. This list incorporated Architects active in the industry sectors of importance, located in the London and Southeast area.

An online registration site was created by Competitive Advantage and the communications around registrations was managed by the team at Competitive Advantage.

The email invitations created by Competitive Advantage were provided to the Rooflight Company to send. The Rooflight Company also were active on social media to raise the profile of the event.

During the project Competitive Advantage stayed in regular email contact with the Rooflight Company and hosted regular conference calls.

On the day of the event Competitive Advantage managed the registration desk and hosted the speakers, ensuring the smooth running of the seminar.

Following the event all email communications were provided to the Rooflight Company to send on to delegates. Competitive Advantage collated the delegate feedback and provided a comprehensive seminar report, detailing promotion, registration and attendance figures.

The Benefits:

The team at Competitive Advantage was able to bring their understanding of the construction industry to this project. The addition of a guest speaker to the seminar programme and use of the Saint-Gobain Innovation Centre broadened the appeal of the seminar. This half day seminar gave the Rooflight Company a new platform to strengthen their position as an innovative company that delivers design solutions.

Kester Harvey, Commercial Director, the Rooflight Company said

“Chris Ashworth’s initial contact and acceptance of an invitation to meet us in August was very useful. It gave us an opportunity to talk about what we were seeking in terms of architect engagement and allowed us to present our business first hand so that the brief was well aligned. Knowledge of the industry and guidance was key to the concept for this event.”

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