Construction Outlook – October 2023


Three years of forecast data for Housing, Infrastructure, Public non-Housing, Industrial, Commercial, Repair & Maintenance

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Forecasting can improve your business planning by indicating construction trends, showing the potential value of each construction sector to your business and changes in your market share.

Competitive Advantage are pleased to have partnered with Hewes & Associates to offer a comprehensive forecasting service. Hewes & Associates has been publishing forecasts since 1995. Its founder, Martin Hewes, is an economist with an engineering background who has been involved in forecasting construction markets since 1989.

Construction Outlook details building and civil engineering forecasts for a three year period, unlike other construction forecasters. Providing data for Housing, Infrastructure, Public non-Housing, Industrial, Commercial, Repair & Maintenance. Hewes & Associates’ concise and easy to read analysis provides comprehensive and user-friendly forecasts. An essential planning tool for those involved in UK construction markets.

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Construction Outlook is published quarterly, as a full document in January and July and as an interim forecast report in April and October.

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Construction Outlook provides three years of forecast data up to 2025 for the following markets:

  • Housing – Public and private starts, completions and output.
  • Infrastructure – Water & sewerage, electricity, rail, roads, harbours & waterways, gas, communications and airports output.
  • Public non-housing – Education, heath, offices, entertainment and miscellaneous output.
  • Industrial – Factories, warehouses and other output.
  • Commercial – Offices, shops, leisure, health, education and other output.
  • Repair & Maintenance – Public & private housing, public and private non-housing and infrastructure output.
  1. Summary and Viewpoint
  2. Macro Economy
  3. Housing
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Public Non-Housing
  6. Industrial
  7. Commercial
  8. Repair and Maintenance
  9. Assumptions, Risks and Definitions


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