Engaging with Specifiers using social media

One of the most effective channels for engaging with specifiers is social media. Our research in the Construction Media Index has found that 85% of architects read industry publications, with only 5% of these regularly following up an advertisement. This compares with 88% who use social media where there is the potential to be much more focused with messaging. So, both channels are of similar importance and need to be part of a balanced communications plan.

Social media can also perform a variety of tasks, for example; brand building, lead generation or recruiting followers who can be engaged in future campaigns. The versatility the platforms offer to target niche (and not so niche) audiences makes social media very effective.

But social media is not a ‘free’ channel and to be effective it needs to be properly managed, with the consequent cost. It is also a mistake to think that because one of your team is an extensive user of social media, they know how to manage the implementation and strategy. And as the social media platforms work to increase revenue, organic reach has fallen making the most effective form of engagement probably paid-for. But the good news is that these platforms allow precise targeting of your audience and there are metrics available to measure performance.

If you are to target effectively, you need to start by developing a persona for your audience. Competitive Advantage have some standard personas which can help you to start the process. But these will need refining to a much greater level of detail, matched to the selection metrics available on the platforms. It may even justify bespoke research to understand groups of decision makers’ issues and concerns.

So as part of your social media strategy you need to:
1. Decide how much to invest
2. Understand your audience
3. Ensure content is relevant
4. Have clear objectives
5. Ensure messages are well targeted and their effectiveness tested
6. Provide a clear call to action
7. And evaluate performance throughout the process

As inspiration for planning how you engage with specifiers using social media take a look at our webinar ‘Results Focused Social Media’ where Anna Hern of award winning communications agency Ridgemount explains how this can be achieved using case study examples of projects they have undertaken for building product manufacturers. We hope you find it provides some useful ideas for engaging with specifiers and your broader construction industry audience.


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