The Client:

The Rockfon Group develop integrated acoustic ceiling solutions that aim to provide better and safer indoor environments. Rockfon do this by balancing technical characteristics and design with modern demands and trends.

The Project:

Rockfon wished to analyse the purchasing habits of ceiling installers, working with Competitive Advantage it was agreed that analysis of the market place should be completed to inform the business development plan.

The Objectives:

To analyse distributor and contractor attitudes, perceptions and activities to identify opportunities for developing market share.

The Methodology:

The team at Competitive Advantage completed a programme of telephone interviews. The research was split geographically, reflecting the sales team set-up, allowing the performance of the individual regions to be assessed.

To qualify the feedback gained via the telephone research a mystery shopper exercise was conducted by Competitive Advantage. This was completed across all of the supply channels in the market to establish:

  • Which products were promoted and why
  • How frequently they offered the Rockfon products
  • Levels of pricing

The research data was then analysed by the team at Competitive Advantage who, using their commercial experience, interpreted the information and presented it in a report format.

The Benefits:

The research gave Rockfon a clear understanding of the marketplace, how their product compared in price and perception, together with the influencing factors in selection of their products and competitors’ products. It also gave an indication of the best channels of communication for their customer base.

This wealth of information meant they were able to inform their business development plan and focus their resources to gain clear results.

Marketing Manager Jenny Brookes said

“The most in-depth research report held within the Rockfon Group”

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