Understanding the Construction Client – Developing Construction Personas


Introducing the Client and how to develop a persona for your construction marketing strategy.

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Developing personas is a really good way of understanding your construction customer. You can use personas to develop your construction sales and marketing strategy so it is tailored to your customers challenges.

This download introduces the construction client, looking at:

  • The role of the Client
  • The Client team
  • Client decision makers
  • Client influencers
  • The difference between public sector and private sector Clients
  • Clients and the construction supply chain
  • Client types
  • Client categories
  • Client drivers

The document concludes with guidance on how to develop your own Construction Client persona, with a persona template for you to complete.

This guide provides 33 pages of content detailing the construction Client, looking at who they are and what their challenges are. Providing an introduction to the Client specifier and how to create a customer persona.

(Originally published February 2017, Updated March 2020)

  • Summary
  • The Construction Client
  • The Client team
  • Client decision makers
  • Client influencers
  • The public sector Clients
  • Client types
  • Client categories
  • Construction Client Statistics
  • Professional Membership
  • Construction Client Drivers
  • Client Challenges
  • Business Challenges
  • Developing your Client persona
  • Who are your buyers?
  • Challenges and goals
  • Understanding what drives their decision making
  • Communication channels and sales tools
  • SEO
  • Creating your persona
  • What you can do
  • Negative personas


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