The Client:

Catnic is the leading UK manufacturer of steel construction products for the residential sector. The company brought the original steel lintel to the construction industry in 1969 and their brand is almost a generic term for lintels in the construction industry.

The Project:

Catnic have been supporting architects and providing lintel design advice for many years. As an early adopter of the technical CPD seminar their package had become a little dated and the purpose of this project was to upgrade the Lintel CPD and make it the specifiers’ first choice for lintels.

There had also been a number of changes within the sales team, some of whom had not previously had to deliver a technical seminar to architects. They needed to understand the seminar, its contents and its purpose to enable them to deliver it confidently.

With a small marketing team, facing many demands, it was not realistic to undertake this project in-house so Competitive Advantage were appointed to take on the task.

The Objectives:

  • Seminar written primarily for an architectural audience.
  • Effectively position the seminar within the new RIBA CPD Core Curriculum.
  • Contain current technical specifications and referencing.
  • The sales team would have the confidence and understanding to deliver an effective seminar.

The Methodology:

The project started with a review of existing material, and that available from competitors. This allowed the structure to be updated in a form which was relevant to the new RIBA CPD Core curriculum while highlighting unique product features.

A review of existing literature, product specifications and legislation was conducted to ensure that the seminar referenced the current documents. New images and case studies were added and value justifications included to demonstrate cost of failure or replacement during a building’s life. The presenter’s script and supporting marketing collateral was then reviewed and updated to accurately reference these changes with more detailed explanations.

Finally, training was held for the sales team. This was to ensure they used the seminar as an effective sales tool. It introduced the concept of specification selling and the role of CPD in building the position of the company and individual as a Trusted Advisor. It then explained the aspects of the CPD seminar, detailing the purpose of each slide and how it could be supported to enhance the audience’s understanding of product selection criteria.

The Benefits:

As part of leading construction industry manufacturer Tata Steel, it was important that Catnic maintained its reputation as a leading provider of technical advice and support to architects. The important task of updating and refreshing the CPD seminar was completed while the in-house marketing team continued with other important tasks. It is now available online for architects to register to receive it, providing another channel to engage with important decision makers.

By drawing on Competitive Advantage’s understanding of the construction industry in general and the specification market in particular as well as competence with technical products, the briefing process was relatively simple saving time and allowing the project to be completed with minimal input.

Catnic Marketing Manager, Charmaine Dean said

“Feedback from the sales team was that overall they were very pleased, saying it was some of the best training they’d ever had, and would happily recommend it or undertake it again. From a marketing perspective, it freed up my time, but also our technical department’s time and allowed us to prioritise other projects whilst still delivering this on time, plus having a fresh set of eyes on the CPD helped bring it ‘back to life’.”



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