The Client:

Promat is a market leader in the manufacture and innovation of passive fire protection materials, offering an extensive range of fire resistant boards. Promat DURASTEEL® systems combine lightness, strength, impact, blast resistance and durability with exceptional fire resistance. These systems remain unaffected by firefighters’ hoses, leaving them capable of performing their original function even during a fire.

The Project:

Promat wanted to review the market for their fire resistant panel Promat DURASTEEL®, to understand why it is used and who the key decision makers are. Promat hadn’t undertaken any Promat DURASTEEL® research for 6 years and at that time it was understood that architects were the main target market. Promat needed to ascertain if the situation had changed so that they could focus their marketing efforts appropriately. Previous research had dictated that they should target architects which they continued to do for a number of years successfully, but as the construction market changed Promat needed to do some more up-to-date research.

The Objectives:

The research was to help understand:

  • If architects are still the primary decision makers in specifying Promat DURASTEEL®.
  • Why Promat DURASTEEL® is selected and used on projects.
  • The different sectors where Promat DURASTEEL® is specified and the applications for which it is used.

The Methodology:

Competitive Advantage identified clients, architects & contractors who have used Promat DURASTEEL®, and the sectors they worked in. The Promat DURASTEEL® applications were then identified. Competitive Advantage then conducted phone interviews with the key influencers on projects where Promat DURASTEEL® were used. The interview data was collated and analysed by the team at Competitive Advantage and a report was generated showing the factors which influence and affect the use and selection of Promat DURASTEEL®.

The Benefits:

The results of the research pointed towards a more segmented approach as architects, whilst still important, weren’t the only target market. As well as this the research showed that the appropriate target person changed per market sector. Therefore, Promat are now focusing their marketing plan on a range of individuals within each market sector as a result of the research undertaken.

Marion Johnson – Marketing Project Manager – Promat UK said:

“The research has given Promat substantial evidence as to why they are changing our focus in terms of marketing. Promat’s plans are now more focused and hopefully will also be even more successful.”

Understanding Key Decision Makers - Construction Specification Strategy

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